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Empowering One Student At A Time

The Scholarship Plug is a 501(c)(3) non profit initiative that offers concierge planning services by mentoring students to get paid to go to college.

Through our membership programs and workshops we provide the tools needed to educate, support and motivate each high school student group. It’s never too early to plan for college. Call us your college and scholarship advisors that have your back! 


You can find a local scholarship center near you and book a session for one on one support. All members have access to the center to work on their college applications, financial aid applications and of  course their scholarship applications.  


At the Scholarship Plug, we do more than support students with their scholarship applications, we help businesses create their very own scholarship program. Small business owners have the opportunity to offer post secondary scholarships on behalf of their business to students in their community. Scholarships are the best way to show corporate responsibility and invest in future world leaders.

Click on membership to learn more. 

Click on scholarship administration to start your own scholarship program. 

Click here to meet our Board of Advisors.

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