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Empowering One Student At A Time 

The Scholarship Plug is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that is dedicated to bridging scholarship and financial aid opportunities through presentations, workshops, and support services to inspire students and families to “Get Paid to Go to College.”

The Scholarship Plug, initially a nickname for its founder in 2008, has evolved into a vital community-driven initiative. Founded by Mrs. Shedly Casseus, a renowned College & Scholarship Advisor, the brand addresses the steep decline in undergraduate enrollment, particularly among first and second generation students with academic promise and/or “will”. 

This initiative aims to fill the gap and make a generational difference in its home state of Florida where college enrollment has dramatically decreased. The Scholarship Plug, provides a comprehensive community concierge college & scholarship planning success program, including workshops, mentorship, test prep, essay writing training, and a curated scholarship bulletin. This initiative has already impacted over 2,830 students, fostering collaboration with local businesses to offer scholarships.


Recognizing the pressing need for college and scholarship planning, the Scholarship Plug emphasizes early engagement, ideally starting in 9th grade. The organization supports public and private high schools and provides resources for college and scholarship planning, which are crucial for students' future success. With limited resources and high student to Counselor ratios, many students who want to continue their education lose hope, claim that “college is not for them” and often miss out on scholarship opportunities. The Scholarship Plug is driven by a commitment to transform lives, ensuring that students receive essential skills and support their post-secondary goals.


The Scholarship Plug's mission resonates due to its far-reaching impact: 

For Students: Earning a college degree can significantly boost earning potential and decrease unemployment rates, ultimately improving quality of life and opportunities.

For Small Businesses: A skilled workforce enhances business success, contributing to economic growth and stability.

For the Economy: College-educated individuals contribute more in taxes, require fewer social services, and actively participate in civic life, leading to a stronger community.


By offering scholarships and support, the Scholarship Plug catalyzes positive change, touching lives and creating a brighter future for individuals, businesses, and the community as a whole.


For an annual membership fee of $197, The Scholarship Plug offers a transformative opportunity. By joining, you gain access to a dedicated community – a village of individuals committed to guiding you through the journey of college and scholarship planning. Our expert team is here to provide unwavering support, ensuring a smoother transition into your post-secondary education. With us, you're not just a member; you're part of a dynamic network that empowers you for a brighter academic future.

Click on membership to learn more. 

Click on scholarship administration to start your own scholarship program. 

Click here to meet our Board of Advisors.

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