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Invest in Your Communities 

As a business, getting involved in student sponsorship programs is an excellent way to invest in the future of your community and build long-term relationships. Sponsoring students can help shape their educational success while encouraging them to pursue their dreams.


Establish Scholarship Program


Starting a scholarship program is one of the most rewarding activities a business can give back to its community. It doesn’t take thousands of dollars to make a difference in a student’s financial aid dreams.  Starting with a few hundred dollars to pay for items such as a class, books, deposits, housing fees etc. goes a long way.


Do you have an idea or a legacy that you want to leave behind or want to honor someone close by offering a scholarship for students, new business owners or artists?

You are in the right place. Schedule a free Consultation to learn more about how we can help your cause come to life.


Grants for Businesses

Scholarships for students are not the only form of financial aid. Grants for businesses actually have a similar success strategy. Our Founder, Mrs. Shedly Casseus Parnther, has secured several grants to make her vision come to pass. Here’s a list of potential grants that may be a good fit for your business to consider. Join our mailing list for the latest grant programs available for small business owners.  


In the new edition of the How to Apply for Scholarships in 5 Easy Steps book, several tips on how to earn extra income while in college are included. Order yours today!

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Sponsor a Student

Sponsored students receive a College & Scholarship Advisor, Essay Coach, assigned scholarships and consistent support throughout their college and financial aid process. Monthly reports are provided to the sponsor on each student’s progress and more.

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Accepting Class of 2023

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