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About the 100
Scholarship Challenge

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The 100 Scholarship Challenge was inspired by a first-generation high school junior who was determined to earn scholarships to pay for college. This student knew that there was no way to attend their dream college without securing scholarships to pay for it. Long story short, the student ended up having 3 times more than what was needed to attend that college of choice.

For how many scholarships did the student apply? Take a wild guess! Yup, 70! 


Meet Sabrina

Sabrina successfully completed and submitted 70 scholarships between her junior and senior year in high school. Sabrina graduated high school with enough scholarship money to not only pay for her tuition and fees, but to cover her housing, and her books with thousands of dollars left over to cover the rest of her undergraduate career.

After I witnessed this testimony, it set a new bar, new expectations, and it motivated me to keep pushing my students towards applying to as many scholarships as they could. Sabrina was one of many to complete several scholarships. Just like Sabrina, I believe others can do it! Students there is no reason why you cannot accomplish the same. Not one reason!


Fast forward to today: We have the 100 Scholarship Challenge! I challenge you to commit to applying to 100 scholarships from now until you reach the goal. You are committing to do your absolute best to earn as much scholarship money that you can possibly receive and your minimum is 100.


Here’s how it works: Be sure to refer to the How to Apply for Scholarship 5 Step Guide that I've created just for you to prepare for your scholarship application journey. It will make your scholarship application life so much easier, I promise you!

Psych yourself up and commit to applying to 100 Scholarships by signing up to Take the Challenge so that we have your information to keep you motivated via email and/or text. You can never be too young or too old to apply for scholarships. Those of you in elementary and middle school, be sure to include your parents' information.


Make no mistake. The challenge CAN continue while you are in college.


Identify your first scholarship and write it down on your official Scholarship Tracker that I've created for you to keep track of your scholarships.  

Once you have completed your 100 scholarship challenge, submit your tracking sheets to us for your 100 Scholarship Challenge gift package which includes an official certificate of completion, an optional congratulatory feature on our website and our social media pages.


The Scholarship Plug

By filling out this form you are activating your tracker with us

Good Luck!


Let's Go!!!!

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