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The Business Leader Answer Kit is a super fun way to learn more about business basics, if you are thinking of or actually starting a new business.


Date night with a group of friends or your favorite small business course will never be the same with the B.L.A.K. Kit!  


The 35 (playing card size) business deck has the top questions and answers every business person should know to successfully start, maintain and scale their business. 


The coolest benefit to each question in the kit, is that the answers are on the back along with a QR code that links participants to multiple resources to support the answers to each question.

A value of over $120 per hour. Call this your very own business coach in a box. 


The B.L.A.K. Kit allows you to learn about business essentials with friends and family for game night or your business collegues as a cool team building activity.  


Other successful uses include: for personal knowledge, as you think about starting a new business, a couples game night, a fun ice breaker, a networking lunch and learn activity or something to add to your favorite business meeting or retreat. 

There is so much you can do with your B.L.A.K. Kit! It is our hope that you find it as fun, inspiring and educational as we do. 

Black Business Answer Kit

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