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How to Apply for
Scholarships in 5 Easy Steps

Book now available for single, bulk and digital purchases!

Inside the Scholarship Plug:

"Why pay to go to school, when you can get paid to go to school?"
- Shedly Casseus Parnther

Inside is a detailed, step-by-step scholarship guide curated by Shedly Casseus Parnther, founder of the social media influencer program "The Scholarship Plug."

The program offers a myriad of notable scholarship and college and career opportunities.

There are enough scholarship and grant dollars available for us to change the college-going culture from having to pay to go to college to "getting paid" to attend. The quest to apply for scholarships has never been an easy task; the journey can start from as early as elementary school. However, this book instructs high school students about what is needed to build a winning system to help complete scholarship applications.


"How to Apply for Scholarships in 5 Steps" is an easy read for students and parents. The intention of this guide is to motivate a "do now" attitude in scholarship seekers to provide tools and methods of organization to win those scholarships.

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  • How old do I need to be to apply for scholarships?
    Each scholarship program is different. There are scholarship programs that range from those starting as early as toddler years when parents apply on behalf of the child, up to scholarships for graduate school. If you meet the requirements for a particular scholarship, go for it!
  • How many books do I have to purchase to qualify for wholesale rates?
    Quantities of 20 and more
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