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The Center is now open!

Financial Aid education starts early, and we want to get the process started asap!


Being a Scholarship Plug member gives you access to our virtual financial aid center and our local center.

The scholarship application process executed properly is like a part-time job; we do our best for it not to feel like it. Students will be assigned a series of specific tasks with the guidance of our staff in preparation to apply for aid to fund their post-secondary education.


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*To be very transparent: Your membership fees go towards the expert

advisors that make themselves available to support you, along with

the expenses needed to keep our facility open for students and families.   

Membership: Starting at $29.99 per month


What do you get?

The Perks!

Monthly Scholarship Bulletin 

Brag Sheet 

Student Resume Template 

100 Scholarship Challenge Form Entry 

More Perks!

“How to Apply for Scholarships in 5 Easy Steps”, eBook  

Access to a live Scholarship Plug Advisor 

Priority event and workshop registration  

Downloadable Scholarship Tracker 

Letter of Participation 

Monthly Scholarship Bulletin 

Brag Sheet 

Student Resumé Template 

100 Scholarship Challenge Form Entry 

Access to the Scholarship Center 

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4462 N University Dr, Lauderhill, FL 33351

Why become a member?

We provide the tools needed to successfully reach your financial aid goal! 

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