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AUDERHILL, Fla. – With financial aid becoming increasingly harder for graduating seniors to apply for and attain, The Scholarship Plug is making the process more accessible by opening a series of “Scholarship Centers” within communities across Florida. The doors are open for inperson and virtual visits.

The Scholarship Plug is a subsidiary of the CC&C Consulting Group, LLC. Although the primary resource offered to parents and students is scholarship assistance, other services include scholarship program coaching, trainings, access to technology to complete financial aid applications, college applications and scholarship administration for small businesses.

Founded by Shedly Casseus Parnther, an award-winning scholarship and college advisor with over 15 years of experience, The Scholarship Plug has opened its doors and network to new members. The first Scholarship Center in Broward County has opened with the intention to bring an electric and impactful life-changing experience to students across the county by inspiring them to go to college and apply for scholarships.....

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