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What is the parallel between physical and mental ? - The Murph Challenge [Linkedin]

Written by AJ Yolofsky, Esq. CEPA

To honor and remember Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy’s (USN/SEAL) service in the Global War on Terrorism in Afghanistan, the Murph Challenge was created. For his actions in combat to save his team, LT. Murphy was posthumously awarded the U.S. military’s highest decoration, the Medal of Honor. He was awarded this for his bravery in risking his life to save the lives of his team. LT Murphy continues to inspire people across the country.

At Yolofsky Law, one of our goals is to give back to the community. This year we created our first annual Murph Challenge scholarship where we tasked applicants with completing the Murph Challenge and writing a short essay about what they could learn from LT. Murphy. Don’t be fooled by our awesome winners, the Murph Challenge consists of:

  1. • One-mile run

  2. • 100 pull-ups

  3. • 200 push-ups

  4. • 300 squats

And . . . another one-mile run to end the workout. Did we mention you’re supposed to wear a 20 lb weighted vest throughout? This was one of LT. Murphy’s favorite workouts.

Today, we want to introduce the 3 winners of the Yolofsky Law Murph Challenge Scholarship. All 3 plan on joining the US Armed Forces and were inspired by LT. Michael Murphy.

Shamoya is a South Florida high school student who is planning on joining the Air Force after graduation. She is the first generation in her family to pursue a career in the Air Force. She plans on not only serving but also making a difference for her mother, father, and siblings and “to be impactful in a good way.”

The second winner has risen above all the challenges life has thrown at her. Dantz is a resilient fighter who diligently works towards her goals. At a young age, she navigated a variety of living arrangements, which forced her to mature faster than other students her age. This life experience has taught her to never give up and persevere, just as Lt. Michael Murphy did.

"The military doesn't care where you come from, it cares what you do with it."
- AJ Yolofsky
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