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Updated: Mar 20

September 19th, 2023

It’s your essay coach again! I hope each of you has had a pleasant summer and a smooth return to school. While you are reviving it up for another productive and exciting school year, please remember that balance is critical.

Am I saying, “Don’t work too hard?” For some of you, perhaps.

Am I saying, “Have fun! This should be the best year yet”? Perhaps.

How about this: “Give yourself some quiet time to think and to plan.”

I know it’s easy for me to say but I, too, find it difficult to manage time effectively, but then add to it schoolwork (classwork and homework); clubs and sports and volunteer activities; work and then home tasks and chores.... I get tired just thinking about all that has to be done.

So allow me to make a list of suggestions, my general thoughts as you start this school year.

  1. Identify at least 2-3 short term and 2-3 long term goals.

  2. Determine what you must do and be determined to do it.

  3. Imagine how great it will be and how good you will feel when you succeed/achieve those goals.

  4. Write down your goals.

  5. Each morning, review goals.

  6. At the end of each day, review goals.

  7. Note what remains to be done.

  8. Add to the list as needed. Cross out what is done.

  9. Emphasize your strengths and assets. Celebrate your achievements.

  10. Try to be consistently balanced. That means work hard and rest when needed, but don’t slack.

  11. If I missed anything on this list, add it. If something does not apply to you, delete or modify it.

  12. Do your best. Stay focused!

Set the tone to your new year!

Did you enjoy my list for getting in gear for another great year?

Leave a comment below.

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